Persona 5 Demon weaknesses

If you have played Persona then you must be aware of treasure demons and how they are the most dangerous enemies that can be found. They are usually present at palaces and mentors. Their importance is that they yield a high amount of money which can be later used for Persona fusion. I am sure you must be looking towards them as they are beneficial and hence in this article we have listed down some features and tricks which can help you to identify the weaknesses of each variety of treasure monster.

What are treasure Demons?

So let’s firstly talk about them, you will be introduced to these treasure demons once you have reached the second palace.
Treasure demons in the game are shaped like gemstone and are named after their gemstone which is having an historical significance. They are very quick and rapid and hence they can pop anywhere in the palace. You might not be when able to notice them, and they will come across you. They just rome around the palace and can just pop out of destructible objects. If you miss them in the palace then it’s certain that they are going to pop again somewhere else. The treasure demons occur at the palace in Persona 5. As these enemies are powerful enough and their shadows are quick we require a lot of energy to drag them down. If you finally get succeeded in bringing them down then you will be rewarded. The first enemy which you are going to encounter is the weakest of all of them and is called regent.

The most amazing thing about them is that they are very speedy and frequent, and they can just escape with very ease without you being able to notice them. So in order to kill them you need to know their weaknesses. My people ask “How can we increase our chances of encounter with them?”. The answer is that you can increase your encounters by going to the palace on rainy days, or you can also use trap treasure infiltration tool. So basically there are eight different types of treasure diamonds and each one of them has had a different weakness. With different weaknesses come different skills which you have to use in order to equip them.

How to knockdown these treasure demons is the most important thing to figure out first. For that you have to figure out the weaknesses of these demons. Once found, it becomes very easy to knock them down. If you have managed to knock down the demon then you will get the chance to negotiate with the regent. It will then ask you to join. One thing you have to make sure that you don’t get a persona to join you as it is above your level.

The regent is level 10, and its weakness is too psychic and nuclear, but he is immune to bless and curse. So what you have to do is to continue hitting them with the attacks until it gets knocked down. As it holds up you have to negotiate. So one of the most important things about them is that they randomly pop up anywhere, and it becomes very difficult to know them. So it is essential to know their weakness in order to knock them down when they pop in front.

Also, there is another thing which you can do if you are finding it difficult to face it in person of 5. You can craft the treasure trap infiltration tool which will increase their rate of popping. Now they will pop out at a higher rate than usual. This will increase your chance to knock them down.

In order to win just keep in mind all the weaknesses of the regions, and you will definitely be awarded.

Emperor’s Amulet (Level 35)
Normal damage from Wind only; Blocks Gun, Bless and Curse; Resist Physical; Reflect everything else
Fusion Skills: Auto-Mataru, Auto-Maraku, Auto-Masuku, Endure, Regenerate 2, Invigorate 2, High Counter, Fast Heal

Regent (Level 10)
Weak to Psy, Frei
Fusion Skills: Maragi, Mabufu, Mazio, Magaru, Mapsi, Mafrei, Makouha, Meiha

Stone of Scone (Level 20)
Weak to Curse
Fusion Skills: Agilao, Bufula, Zionga, Psilo, Kouga, Eiga

Orlov (Level 30)
Normal damage from Electric only; Resist Physical; Null everything else
Fusion Skills: Magilao, Mabufula, Mazionga, Magarula, Mapsio, Makouga, Maeiga, Mafreila

Koh-i-Noor (Level 25)
Resists all but Blessing and Curse; Null Blessing and Curse
Fusion Skills: Dodge all of the following: Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Psi, Bless, Curse, Nuclear

Queen’s Necklace (Level 15)
Weak to Guns
Fusion Skills: Tarukaja, Rakukaja, Sukukaja, Recarm, Media, Tarunda, Rakunda, Sukunda

Crystal Skull (Level 50)
Normal damage from Bless; Blocks Gun; Resist Physical; Reflect everything else
Fusion Skills: Maragidyne, Mabufudyne, Maziodyne, Magarudyne, Mapsidyne, Mafreidyne, Makougaon, Maeigaon

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