Top 6 Best Games like Dream11

Hey, Guyz today we will talk about Top 6 Best Games like Dream11.  Cricket has always been treated as more than a game in India. People do not just watch cricket as a game but experience it with their heart. Recently there have been a lot of game apps launching as they have fulfilled the cricket fantasy of everyone. Apps like dream11 have gained a lot of popularity and now there are many such apps available in the Google Play Store. Now you can also choose from a wide variety of games such as hockey, football, baseball etc. Using these apps you can make your fantasy team and then play with that. The best part about all of these is that you can actually win real cash after the end of the match. Isn’t that just amazing. So in this article we have listed down some of the top apps which are just similar to Games like Dream11. Keep on reading the article to know more.

List of Top 6 Best Games like Dream11

  • Fantasy power 11
  • Myteam 11
  • 11 Wickets Fantasy
  • Fanmojo
  • Halaplay
  • LeagueX


Fantasypower 11 is also like Dream 11 and MyTeam 11 where you can play games and earn some money. This app is currently available only in Android devices, and you can download it from Google Play Store. Once you get logged in to the account after registering you will get rupees 20 as a bonus money. With this money you are supposed to start playing the game, and you can have an experience of the whole. You can also later on recharge your fantasy power wallet by linking it to your Paytm wallet or debit card. With the money credited into the fantasy power wallet you can then keep on playing games to make teams and earn money. If you have used other apps then we are sure that Fantasy power 11 is going to be a good experience.


MYTEAM 11 is quite similar to Dream11 where you have to create your fantasy team, and you have to make them win. Once you’ve won the match you can directly get the money which will be credited into your account. To play the game in my Myteam 11 all you have to do is to create your team of 11 players and score as much as possible from your side. The user experience of the app is very excellent and can be used by anyone easily. The apps also give you the choice to create teams and clubs. In all, we can say that this app is worth a try and should be tested by anyone who has ever played Dream 11.


Like the other apps there is also wicket fantasy where you can earn money. You can download this game from Google Play Store and after registering you will get 100 Rs into your wallet. These hundred rupees can be then later used to play the game. Once you win the game, you can later on transfer the money from your phonepe or debit card into the wallet of the app. The best thing about the application is that it is very easy to use and can be used by any new gamer. The user experience and interface is also very friendly. Many people say that it is one of the best apps that is close to dream 11. Hence, it is a suggestion to try this game out.


The app is very similar to other apps where you can play and create your fantasy team. With this app you can not just play cricket but also many other games such as Kabaddi, football, etc. The game has a lot of features and the interface is quite easy. Even new players can join and easily play the game. You can also earn money with e-sports venture. You can simply download the game from Play Store and login using your credentials. Once you have logged in, the steps are clear and simple. Start playing the game and earn money.


The features of the game Halaplay is very similar to that of Dream 11 and the game has got a lot of features to it. The app is very easy to use and is user-friendly. It is a fantasy cricket platform where you can play and create your own cricket team. With this app you can create a team by investing money from your debit card or Paytm wallet and then later on you can add the real life players that can be your friends and family. By earning points on the performance of the real game you can earn money. The money is directly credited into your account.


This game is mainly focused on the IPL or the Indian Premier League that occurs every year in India. If you are crazy about IPL then I am sure this game is best for you as the game is fully focused on the Indian premier league. You can win a lot of money using this app.

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